Sam Goodman

IMG_0146Name: Sam Goodman
Age: 27
Hometown: Markham, ON

Undergrad: McMaster BHSc (Hons) 2003-2007
Major: Health Sciences
Graduate: McMaster MBA 2007-2010
Current: UWO Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry DDS Candidate Class of 2014

Why did you join Medoutreach?: I decided to join MedOutreach not only to expand my horizons as a Health Care Provider but also as a person and valued member of society. I believe this experience will be invaluable in opening my eyes to Global Health care needs as well as how to provide effective health care to under serviced populations.


  • Skiing/Snow boarding, Finance/Personal Investment
  • Pretty much every sport
  • Movie and TV shows
  • Volunteering free time
  • Walking my dog

Favourite quote:
It’s not where you are or what you’re doing it’s who you’re with while doing it

10 years in the future:
Once I graduate I’d like to become an associate in a general dental practice in Southern Ontario in order to increase my knowledge and skills as a dentist. Eventually I would like to purchase my own practice to serve with the ultimate goal of providing free services through my own foundation in memory of my late father. I am especially interested in addressing the needs of underserviced populations such as special needs and the elderly.


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