Dilan Fernando

Name: Dilan Fernando
Hometown: Mississauga

Undergrad: University of Western Ontario
Major: Biological and Medical Sciences
Current: Medicine, UWO

Why did you join Medoutreach?:
I joined MedOutreach because I want an opportunity to explore first-hand the range of health care experiences in Tanzania and how health care is practiced in the communities we will be serving. I joined because I want an opportunity to be a part of a sustained international effort and to use skills I have acquired through volunteering locallly. I am looking forward to challenging myself in a new setting, learning a new language, experiencing a new culture, and being part of a motivated team.

Hobbies: Soccer, wrestling, watching Simpsons

Favourite quote: “Hard work pays off”

10 years in the future: Who knows? Hopefully some sort of doctor doing something with kids/babies/surgery involved in work here and abroad.