Nursing Reflections from Kaloleni

The last two weeks have been a great clinical learning experience for the nurses.  We’ve had the opportunity to work in several areas of Kaloleni Hospital including minor surgery, family planning, pre-natal, HIV treatment, and immunization.  At first it was very overwhelming.  One of the greatest obstacles we faced was the language barrier.  Because we could not speak Swahili, it was difficult to understand expectations and instructions, and sometimes limited our understanding of what was going on around us.  Although this is still an ongoing challenge for us, it is getting easier as we become more comfortable with the schedule at Kaloleni and as we expand our Swahili vocabulary.

At the hospital, we’ve been able to see and participate in prenatal assessments which include listening to the fetal heartbeat, measuring fundal height, and locating the fetal position.  We have also been able to help with HIV patient registration, take vital signs, and learn more about HIV diagnoses and treatment.  At the family planning clinic we attempted to record patients’ medical histories, and learned about pelvic exams and contraceptive options. We also enjoyed giving vaccines both orally and by injection. A highlight of our experience has been observing and assisting with minor surgical procedures such as circumcisions, draining abscesses, dressing wounds, and removing stitches.

Even though our experience at Kaloleni has been amazing, we are all looking forward to learning more at Nkoaranga Hospital starting next Tuesday.

Last weekend the Arusha boys took us to an amazing waterfall. It was a long and tiring hike, but we were able to see some of the rural area in Arusha.  We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures!











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