Happy Canada Day!

Even though we are far from home, we still made a point of celebrating Canada Day. We had even more reason to celebrate today too because the dents arrived safely late last night. Though they are eagerly awaiting the start of their clinic time, the majority of their day was spent exploring Arusha, and getting immigration documents sorted out. They are settling in comfortably and will be starting at Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital with Dr. Frank on Thursday. Image

Tara, Shaylan, and Shannon spent today at Nkoaranga LH meeting the staff, getting accommodations sorted out, and touring the facility in preparation for the dents’ arrival on Thursday. The meds and nurses will soon join them on the following Tuesday. While there we also had the opportunity to share some “Canadian cheer” with some of the inpatients and their families. Thank you to the office of Lois Brown in Newmarket for donating the Canada pins and flags.Image


Stay tuned for another blog post highlighting our experiences at Bondeni, Kaloleni, and Engira clinics thus far.


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