Bags are packed and we’re ready to go…

Finally! The dental students have made it to the end of their June clinic commitments and are eager to join the rest of the team in Arusha!

After a busy week of clinic, packing, and collecting last minute donations we are happy to say our bags are weighed and ready to be taken to the airport.  Thank you to everyone that helped us in the scramble this week 🙂

Tara was fortunate enough to squeeze in a lunch-time Skype chat with the rest of the team out in Arusha on Wednesday.  It’s easy to forget that they are 7 hours ahead of us – so finding the time where we’re all free and in one place can be quite the challenge!  It sounds like everyone is having a great time, and has enjoyed their first week in the clinic. They’ve had the opportunity to be exposed to so many disciplines of health care already!  The medical students have been exposed to a variety of cardiac conditions in addition to family medicine.  The nurses have been involved with vaccinations, family planning, HIV counseling, and even some minor surgeries!  Although the language barrier has been challenging at times, a lot of the doctors and nurses that they have been working with have been ensuring to take the time to translate important points.

The one advantage for the dental students arriving later than everyone else: we are given a heads up of what to pack! Since the weather and temperature is like Canada’s spring right now, they’ve told us to pack extra layers.  It sounds like there can be quite the climate change throughout the day – with chilly mornings, hot afternoons, and cooler evenings.  We also had a request from some of the local boys, that are friends (and translators) for MedOutreach, to bring more Nutella!

Needless to say, our bags are jam-packed but we’re excited to start off on our adventure tomorrow!

Boxes upon boxes of donated supplies from Schulich’s staff and faculty.  Jeremy is keenly modelling some of our gowns that we will be using in the clinic.

Ipad 007

So many boxes… thank you to everyone who contributed.  It took us a while to sort through everything and package it all, but we will make sure it all gets to Arusha! Rahul was nearly burried in ziplock bags at this point.Ipad 006

A big thank you to Tara’s roommate, Lisa, for letting us take over her basement for the last month. It quickly became the “drop spot” for many of the dental supplies and donations.

Ipad 005

Ipad 004

Ipad 003


One thought on “Bags are packed and we’re ready to go…

  1. Sounds like a big adventure to me…. very exciting! Enjoy your stay, hope you learn a lot as well as leave a legacy of hope….good luck to you all! Aunt Kathy

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