It begins…

How to describe? How to explain? When a thousand things have happened to you, where do you start to tell about it?
We arrived in Kilimanjaro after a twenty-hour trip, stunned and jetlagged, and were saved by Godlove, one of the Arusha CCF boys, who met us at the airport. We set ourselves up in Centre House, the traditional home base of MedOutreach in Arusha.

Arusha runs on a different clock than Canada. People take the time to look you in the eye when they say hello. They can also take two hours to fill a fifteen-minute appointment. Our first few days here were disorienting, to say the least, but we’ve accomplished what we needed to. We’ve met with Dr. Mhando and his staff, our medical hosts in Tanzania, and have had our first clinical encounters here. We’ve also dealt with the mundane work of changing money, getting work permits, and securing an Internet connection. We’ve started to turn Centre House into a home.

There have been obstacles to overcome, but so far MedOutreach 2014 has been up to the task, and we’re excited to move into our regular routine of clinical learning. This is an adventure, and there is no adventure without challenge.


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