One Week to Go!

Hujambo! (That’s Hello in Swahili)

It’s hard to believe that June has arrived already. 

This time next week our Medical and Nursing students will be doing a last “once-over” of their packed bags, making sure they have everything together for their departure on June 16th (Dents following closely behind on June 29th).  I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say that this date has come so much faster than we expected.  We’ve spent so much time focusing on our fundraising efforts and school commitments that the departure time really managed to sneak up on us!

This week will be spent packing last minute items, printing screening forms and information handouts, and brushing up on our Swahili!

Here are some of the phrases we’re working on remembering:

Jina langu ni … (My name is…)

Hujambo? (Hello, How are you?)

Unazungumza kiingereza?   (Do you speak English?)

Choo kiko wapi? (Where is the toilet?)

Asante sana (Thank you very much)

Tabasamu (Smile)

Hakuna Matata (No worries)

Karibu (You’re welcome)

Please stay tuned for blog updates as we embark on our adventure and be sure to wish us a Safari njema (Bon Voyage)!

– Tara & MedOutreach 2014





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