Raffle Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Medoutreach Raffle!

This year we sold 903 tickets which raised us $3500!

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

iPad Mini: Brenda Cai
Nikon CoolPix: Shannon Douglas
Tasting Room Gift Card: Roberta M. Fryers
Doug Gilmore Memorabillia: Sam Goodman
Moore’s Gift Card: Bart Makowski
The Keg Gift Card: Lisa Boyko
Salon Entrenous Gift Card: Maggie Siu
Canadian Tire Gift Card: Shahin Charkhandeh
Spartan Nutrition Gift Bag: Sandra Wylie
West 49 Gift Bag: Paul Greenspoon
Symposium Cafe Gift Card: Norma Jean Trask
Curiosities Jewellery Gift Card: Madeline Barrette
East Side Mario’s Gift Card: Don Kennedy
Montreal Canadiens Memorabilia: Sandy Chase
Aeropostale Gift Card: Varun Arora
Burrito Boyz Gift Card: Janet Jang
BurritoBoyz Gift Card: Keegan Guidolin
Burrito Boyz Gift Card: Alweena Munjal
Burrito Boyz Gift Card: Randy Drutz
Jack Astor’s Gift Card: Joe Battaglia
Jack Astor’s Gift Card: Cathy Price
Jack Astor’s Gift Card: Jon Sodeman
Jack Astor’s Gift Card: Peter Kyle
Jack Astor’s Gift Card: Wei Tang
Goodlife Gift Bag: Cheryl Sorensen
Chill Frozen Yoghurt Gift Card: Victoria Chalmers
Chill Frozen Yoghurt Gift Card: Sandy Chase
Chill Frozen Yoghurt Gift Card: Wei Tang
Chill Frozen Yoghurt Gift Card: Anh-Quan Nguyen

We will be in touch with the winners shortly.

The Tasting Room Gift Card was generously donated by its first winner and Kate Reilly is new winner of that prize.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us this year. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to depart for Tanzania!


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