Exams Approach!

Exams for the Medical and Nursing students are less than 1 month away! As the end of the school year approaches, both the medoutreach event schedule and our personal agendas are looking quite busy. While it is exciting to be done the 2013-2014 school year soon, looking at my to-do list between now and then is a little bit stressful. 

So far the planning for our trip has been going well. Although most of our time so far has been devoted to fundraising, we have had a chance to look at visa applications and start outlining some of the trip details. It has not been problem-free, however, and we are currently in the process of figuring out the details of our schedule of activities during our time in Tanzania.

Despite some of the issue that have come up, I can honestly say that working with our team has been fantastic. The overall atmosphere of our meetings is positive, and everyone actively participates in planning events, networking, applying for scholarships, and spreading the word about MedOutreach. Meetings are not just productive, but are usually fun and full of personality. 🙂

We appreciate the support that we have received so far, both financial and otherwise. We cannot thank you all enough!

Christine & the rest of the MedOutreach Team


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