Life Changing Experience



So as our time here winds to an end I thought It’d post one last update. The pas two weeks have been quite busy, and as a result, incredibly rewarding.

Dentistry and Medicine. Nursing

Last week Dentistry, Medicine and nursing were all working hand in hand to provide medical and dental screenings for 120 Grade 7 students who attend Themi Primary School. We organized a “dala dala” to pick up 30 students each day so we could provide them with a lecture on diabetes given by our medical and nursing students and oral hygiene instructions given by the dental team. The day unfolded as follows. Each morning the dala dala would pick up 15 students and bring them to Engira clinic where we had a tent and 3 stations set up for the students. We would begin with the oral hygiene instruction folllowed by a lecture of diabetes. After this the students would divide themselves into 3 groups of 5 and make their way to 3 separate stations. One station did urinalysis and blood sugar testing, the second station did medical check-ups and the third station was the dental screening station. All students were given a medical screening form and a dental screening form for all information to be recorded. Once all students were seen at all stations we provided the students with lunch and some free time. The dala dala would then pick up the morning 15 students, return them to school and bring 15 new students for the some series of events for the afternoon. It was an incredibly successful 4 days. We were able to see 120 students total!

All students identified with dental issues were recorded and have been arranged to be seen by the attending dentists at SDA clinic, paid for my MedOutreach.

Seeing as the 4 day free dental clinic provided by the dental team in week 3 was so successful, the team decided to hold one last 2 day clinic August 5th and 6th to finish with a bang! Within these 2 days we were able to treat 55 patients.

On August 6th and 7th the medical and nursing students provided school teachings to two separate Secondary Schools and various subjects such as: Drugs Abuse, Sexual Education, Diabetes and Oral Hygiene.

Overall this experience has been tremendously rewarding, not only a professional level, but also on a personal one. All of the team members have been given the opportunity to enrich their lives in a way that would never be possible without this amazing experience. The culture, people and environment in this amazing country is something that will stay with us forever.

The dental team would like to thank Dr. Tekle, Dr. Zumo and the whole staff at SDA clinic for their hospitality, support and learning opportunity. Also Dr. Frank and Justin in Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital for giving us the opportunity to use their facilities to provide such great services to so many people in need. Those were long days and we couldn’t have done it without Justin and Godlove!

Above all else we’d all like to thank our brother’s from another mother: Godlove, Mussa, Emma, Eric, Enock, Frank and Lampard. Without you guys we would not have been able to see the real Tanzania and we will miss you.

Sam Goodman


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