Nursing Update

Hey everyone!

Its Gareth posting, wanting to keep everyone up to date on our adventures!

The past few weeks have went by incredibly fast. The medical and nursing students rotated between three separate clinics called Kaloleni, Bondeni and Engira. We have been shadowing a variety of medical workers like nurses, doctors and medical officers while the dental students were occupying the Nkoaranga Hospital and the Njiro Clinic.

While at Njiro, I had the opportunity to assist the dental students during portions of dental procedures, which was very interesting. I felt that at times, I was using many of my nursing skills during these periods with the patients! I also spent some time in Njiro medical ward as well, where I worked beside a lab technician and learned how to perform a variety of lab tests to screen for infections.

While at the Engira clinic, we saw many patients living with a variety of cardiovascular issues as well as other health problems. It was interesting to see the way that clinics work in Tanzania in comparison to Canada. The atmosphere of ‘Hakuna Matata’ is prevalent here, even in the medical setting.

The major dilemma that I have been experiencing while volunteering in Tanzania is the language barrier. Its incredibly difficult to communicate with patients when both parties have minimal experiences speaking the other parties’ home language. Thankfully, we have received much assistance from the medical staff as well as the CCF boys as they can be interpreters for these situations.

Hopefully I will be able to post another installment for the blog in a week but for now, that’s all!



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