week 3 Update

The past few weeks have been pretty interesting. The team decided it would be best to split up into two groups of three and relocate at either Upendo Leprosy Residency or the Nkoaranga Hospital. Neila, Sarah and I ventured to the Upendo Residency while Erica, Tinya and Olivia went to Nkoaranga.

In order to get to Upendo, the three of us needed to use a dala-dala and a piki-piki. A dala-dala is a minivan that drives around Arusha and neighbouring cities and a piki-piki is a motorbike. I have to admit that I really enjoy piki-piki’s but dala-dala’s, I could live without.

The Sisters living next to Upendo, as well as the residents, were incredibly nice and welcoming to us and were happy to have students perform a check up on them. Wound care was very minimal in the home thanks to the care of the Sisters but many of the residents stated that they live with muscle pain. In response to the residents muscle pain we decided to help by creating an exercise routine for the residents to help with both stretching and strengthening their muscles.

While working in Upendo, the three of us stayed at the Sunrise of Life Center. It is an organization which helps young girls and boys by providing medical care, housing, food and support. The boy and girls as well as the volunteers and Mama Vumi were incredible! It was amazing to see how everyone worked together to get a task done.

Last week the team climbed Mt.Meru. That was by far the most difficult task I have ever had to endure! Three days of hiking in unpredictable weather, getting up to begin the ascend to the peak at midnight and climbing on all fours to reach the summit were unbelievably difficult! But the view from the top and knowledge that I can say I have climbed a mountain is entirely worth it.


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